Why Hire me?


Would you like someone to help you tend to the garden of your life?

Would you like someone to come along side you struggling with life's issues?

Would you like a faith based encourager to share wisdom and insight  from the word of life to help solve your challenges?

Would you like someone who uses strength based focused coaching to help you move forward and remove roadblocks?

Who you like someone to talk to who knows what if feels to suffer, pain,  failure, shame, guilt, loss and also the jubilation of  victory, joy, bliss and success?

Would you like someone who you Trust and truly listens to your heart, soul, and mind and won't judge judge you?

Would you like a person to share deep spiritual things that you wouldn't feel comfortable sharing with a counselor, pastor, or priest?

Would you like help with with solutions and action plans  to remove barriers?

Would you like help help moving from your current reality to intended your intended reality by developing a life plan?

Would you like help with new awareness, taking action, and having some keep you accountable to stay on target to reach your goals and dreams?

Would you like more faith, hope, love and peace in your life?

Would you like to know that your schedule reflects your highest priorities and top 5 values? 

Would you like to know more of your strengths that will help you do better in life?

Let's talk and explore to see if we make a good fit in this journey of life. 


1996-current  Founder of Admirable Landscapes, LLC

I was in charge of Sales, Marketing, Advertising,  Networking, Office, Field, Teaching/Training, Consulting, Human Resources.  I managed  up to 10 employees, 4 crews  and multiple different sub -contractors. 

Took a used $50 lawn mower and turned it into a $250,000 yr business and infused over 4 Million dollars into the economy providing jobs for people

Helped coach and Mentor 4 employees to start their own businesses

2016-Current-  Manager/Independent Associate at Legal Shield (Part Time)

I connect/build/ and encourage entrepreneurs. Educate clientele on Legal Protection and Identity Theft protection

2013- 2015  Host of radio show Garden Samurai Wisdom 

1995-1996  Sales Associate Home Depot, Inc 

1994  Announced Basketball for Multnomah Bible College

1985-1993  Founded, Owned and Operated my own Landscape Business in High School


Collaborated and help install 2 community gardens

Best 30 Second Commercial Award, Letip International

Networking Publicity Director for River City Letip, Letip International 2010

Self Published 2 books 2002

Eagle Scout award 1989

12x Letterman Cross Country, Wrestling, Track 1989

1996-Current Successfully raised/trained /mentored to kids from Birth to moving out of the home


Volunteer for World Arts Foundation -2008 Current

Volunteer at Anthem Church  -Current

Participated co- facilitate Asperger’s Syndrome support group 2009 (8 years) -Current

Teach and Mentor 2:7 Series Navigators Class Volunteer -Current

Volunteer and East Side Community Church -2010-2014

Volunteer and No Kidding Choir 2007 – 2012

Volunteer Community Bible Fellowship -1995-2002

Volunteer ACCS Track Club  - 2012-2014

Volunteer coach Lakeside Little League 2004

Volunteer RC United Soccer Club 2003-2010

Volunteer Teacher NE Baptist Church 

Volunteer City Bible Church


School of Hard Knocks

1989 Graduated Mount Vernon High School with Honors

1990 Studied communications at University of Washington

1994 Studied Bible Theology and Communications at Multnomah Bible College

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